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As a contract client of ours not only do you receive outstanding customer service but many other great benefits exclusively offered by Pest Solutions. We believe that with each signed contract a new relationship is formed – a relationship whereby both parties have a single mutual goal to achieve a pest free environment. Unlike many other pest control companies within the industry we are willing to go the extra mile in accomplishing this , and do not charge our clients anything extra for rendering necessary follow-up visits inbetween scheduled service dates as we understand that though all reasonable measures are taken by management to implement a culture of good hygiene and sanitation amongst staff, unfortunately there are still factors that are out of their control i.e. The external surrounding environment; open food in staff drawers; and staff travelling by means of public transportation (whereby pests can easily be picked up and transferred into the work place), and hence felt it unfair to penalise our clients for this.

We know that safety is a major concern for you and we live by the motto that ‘safety comes first’ so you can rest assured that your site will be serviced with high precaution as never to pose a risk to your staff members. All our technicians are fully qualified and knowledgeable in the proper and safe use of pesticides; however as an extra pre-caution all initial services are monitored by a service manager. The service manager will over look the entire rendering of the treatment, as well as ensure that the process is carried out according to Pest Solutions standards.

The implementation of a pest management program is vital to ensure that facilities are always guarded against any possible pest invasion. Pest Solutions uses the latest technologies to ensure that a safe and effective pest management program is implemented in accordance with all the relevant authorities.

A site inspection would be carried out to determine a suitable program for your facility. Details of pests found and shortfalls noticed would be documented in an audit report which would be supplied with the presentation of a suitable program.

Pest Solutions will ensure that the above mentioned program is carried out effectively and efficiently resulting in your facility producing unadulterated products for your consumers.

In conjunction with the program a Pest Management Safety File will be supplied by Pest Solutions and will be inspected and all relevant documentation will be completed by a certified technician. The file contains monitoring logs; technicians certificates ; pesticide usage logs ; approved pesticide lists and accompanying material safety data sheets (all pesticides are registered to department approval in terms of the provisions of Act 36 of 1947); service reports and recommendations for each service rendered at the site ; quarterly audit reports ; ext . This is your service file which will remain onsite during the contractual period, however remains the property of Pest Solutions and should be left in the care of the Facilities/Operations Manager. Pest Solutions ensures that pesticide is used as a last resort. Mechanical, biological and physical methods are employed before the use of pesticides. Pesticide usage is always kept to a minimum.

Pest Solutions target markets include:

  • Restaurants
  • Food outlets (Butcheries, Bakeries / Confectioners, Supermarkets etc)
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Packaging and Storage Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities (Hospitals and Clinics)
  • Hotels and Office Facilities

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Pest Solutions is an environmental service orientated company providing essential service's to a wide section of the commercial and industrial sectors, many of which are highly regulated and have set stringent standards of quality. We at Pest Solutions are SAPCA accredited and keep up to date with the requirements of each sector so that we can successfully meet the stipulated standards of quality whilst keeping within the organizations regulations.

About Pest Solutions

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