Special Treaments

Bird Proofing

Birds can become pests for warehouse/commercial building owners, and even residential home owners. In South Africa, the more common Pigeons, Indian Mynahs and sparrows tend to become these very ‘pests’. Our technicians have been highly trained and educated in the removal and prevention/proofing of birds, and we are confident that we can provide you with an eco-friendly and humane solution. On Commercial/Industrial sites we use a variety of methods and onsite equipment to eradicate this infestation such as enviro friendly polycarbonate bird spikes; and repellent gel. With Residential homes, our Ceiling Proofing and Residual Spray Package will assist in preventing both birds/bats from entering, as well as kill any micro-pests that birds are known to carry. Safety comes 1ST and all our work is guaranteed!

Wood Destroying Pests


Fumigation T1 | Spray T2

  • Enviro-friendly & Safe
  • Dedicated Specialist Team
  • Obligation Free Inspections
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Free half annual inspection


Drill & Inject | Soil Poisoning

  • Our termite experts are the best in the industry
  • As per department regulation
  • Only approved pesticides used
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Issuing of certificate

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Pest Solutions has been providing eco friendly solutions for over a decade!

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Pest Solutions is an environmental service orientated company providing essential service's to a wide section of the commercial and industrial sectors, many of which are highly regulated and have set stringent standards of quality. We at Pest Solutions are SAPCA accredited and keep up to date with the requirements of each sector so that we can successfully meet the stipulated standards of quality whilst keeping within the organizations regulations.

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